Have you recently started planning your wedding?

Very well! First of all, we congratulate you on the happy event! In the coming months you will find yourself facing an endless series of commitments and exhausting appointments: from choosing the location to the invitations to send, from planning the floral arrangements to the menu to propose.

They will be very intense days, we can already imagine it.

Do you want to turn your day into a unique and unforgettable experience for both you and your loved ones? Do you want to avoid the risk of boring your guests and ensuring that they don’t only remember your wedding for the exquisite dishes served or the wonderful centerpieces…?


Are you...

Looking for professionals to entrust your wedding music to?


Do You desire...

that your guests, of all ages, have lots of fun, dancing carefree until the end of the party?


Would you like...

that all your guests take home the best memory of your happy event?

Strengthened by so much experience and awareness accumulated over the years, I founded Bart’s Entertainment, the total Wedding Experience that will make all the guests at your wedding go wild; the aim is precisely to make the most of the happy moments that life gives us, surrounded by the smiles of the people who mean so much to us.

I will be able to convey to you my strength, my passion and my enthusiasm, giving you smiles and avoiding monotonous and boring moments. At no time will my presence be intrusive or unpleasant, on the contrary, I will be able to make every guest participate in an enthusiastic and positive way. My method will make you the true and absolute protagonists of your wedding.

Together with my team of Wedding-DJs and Wedding-Vocalists I will be able to create an engaging atmosphere which, without forcing and spontaneously, will drag all the guests to your special day into a vortex of laughter, fun and joy.

You will be excited listening to all the songs that accompanied your love story – each at the right time – and, even more importantly, you will only have entertained guests.


I arrived in Italy in 1990 and I grew up with classical music since childhood; I have experienced the great decades of music, of every genre, from the wonderful 70s to today. My musical background was therefore the founding principle for the birth of Bart's Entertainment in 2007, specializing in musical entertainment for weddings since 2015. Passionate about music in general, I can't wait to be able to share my passion with you and yours guests to make you as joyful and happy as possible… I will take care to guide you, step by step, with passion and enthusiasm to prevent you from making any mistakes that could ruin that particular and wonderful moment that you have long awaited.


With us there are no standardized packages: we strongly believe that every married couple is one of a kind and we make sure to give the utmost importance to the personalization of the event and consequently to the estimate. No supplement for extra hours will be expected. For us, exclusivity means guaranteeing maximum attention only for YOUR wedding, eliminating any other possible commitment on that day. Considering the many requests and that we have decided to exclusively follow a maximum of 20 married couples per year, we recommend contacting us well in advance so as not to miss this opportunity. We evaluate entertainment proposals throughout Italy and abroad, considering the list of languages acquired by Bart, Belgian by birth but with a perfect knowledge of Italian, English, Dutch, French and German; unique opportunity in any weddings with foreign guests.


I must confess and admit one thing though: on the site, alas, you will find few reviews! Well yes, I made the mistake of never asking for them... mea culpa! If it is your first time visiting this site, we recommend that you delve deeper into the topic thanks to the enormous amount of FREE material on the blog and much more, which has an important message reserved for all future spouses. Only in this way will you be able to create a unique and unforgettable wedding party. So let yourself be overwhelmed by my enthusiasm and passion to make your most important day unique and unforgettable for you and your guests. See you soon, Bart & Staff

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